Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welcome to the first post!

Complaining is considered a very British institution, but only in the sense of non offensive subjects such as the weather. When it comes to the need for defending our consumer rights, we quite often don't want to be seen as impolite and rude, and instead allow misunderstandings or outright misleading sales tactics to rob us to save 'causing a scene'. I for one can not stomach this attitude and believe it our own duty to fight for our consumer rights if anything is to have standard and worth in this world.

I have been standing up for my rights since I was a a pre-teen girl. I can recall at least one occasion where I'd known I wasn't happy with what I'd received in exchange for my pocket money. I had bought a pack of plain paper from the local market one Saturday, which I'd intended to draw on. When I'd returned home and peeled away the cellophane wrapping, I was incensed to discover the paper was not indeed just plain paper, but glossy plain paper. It was of no use to me and what frustrated me more was the feeling of being deceived. The paper was bundled in plastic which hid the fact it was polished and not smooth, and the stall had not marked it as such nor made me aware. I was angry and wanted my money back. So back down the market I went, armed with glossy paper and receipt, and pointed out the misleading error to the taken aback stall holder. He had not seen me coming! Thankfully I was refunded as I'd wanted but never did find any plain paper for my afternoon of drawing.

Sometimes complaining comes easy; when you are especially angry with your shortcomings it can feel therapeutic arguing your case. But other times it can be more like a niggle; you know something's not 100% right, you don't feel 100% happy, but you don't know whether to raise the issue as a complaint or leave it and 'learn from the mistake'. The latter meaning you don't feel totally raged with fury and can't really be bothered to prove your point!

Complaining is an art. Many times I feel more self aware and almost embarrassed, even afraid, of what the complaining may onslaught. If you don't complain 'right' it can all go wrong and you lose your positive position in the situation. If your temperament and attitude isn't constructive you risk being unreasonable and therefore miss opportunities where a resolution could have successfully met. Unfortunately I am not always that perfectly calm person I wish I was and probably ruin my chances of a valid complaint, which has swiftly morphed into an argument.

Which is why I am better dealing with complaints by letter; handwritten, typed up or emailed. Whichever way, I feel I can better describe the points I am making and detail why I am unhappy and what I would like to recompense the situation. This is my style, for the personal complaints, you're best off dealing with my other half than me!

So this is why I wanted to start this blog. I've put it off for so long (I'm quite the thinker/througher, or as the better half would say, a procrastinator) so here I am, doing it now. Whenever I have cause for complaint, receive service not up to scratch, get overcharged or buy something I think is not good enough to sell off the shelf, I'll post it here too - and I'll be letting you know what the business or person has to say about it. I may even throw some praise in the mix for those who have surpassed my expectations. Stay tuned, this will be getting interesting!


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